Advantages of SARI Powder Jet Mill
As the main product of SARI powder, the jet mill has already been used by more than 2000 users in China. As the first domestic enterprise to research and develop and manufacture jet mill, it has always been leading domestically and keeping international synchronization. Here is a comprehensive summary of the advantages of our equipment for your reference.


Shen Fei Powder Company participated in the International Powder Exhibition and was interviewed by China Powder Network
From September 27 to 29, 2011, the 9th International Powder Industry / Bulk Technology Exhibition and Conference ( IPB 2011 ), co-sponsored by China Particle Society ( CSP ), Nuremberg Exhibition Services ( Shanghai ) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Global Exhibition Co., Ltd., was successfully held in Shanghai International Exhibition Center.


Cerium oxide polishing powder crushing - Shen Fei QLM series jet mill is the top one
In the last step of the production process of cerium oxide polishing powder, a jet mill is used to crush and grade the product, and the result of crushing and grading will directly affect the polishing effect of the polishing powder. Our QLM series jet mill has the advantages of narrow particle size distribution and accurate vertex cutting, which is consistent with the grinding and grading requirements of cerium oxide polishing powder. In actual use, the polishing effect is obviously compared with that of cerium oxide polishing powder produced by other manufacturers.


Hangsheng Powder ( formerly Shen Fei Powder ) is the leading supplier of high-end powder equipment in China
Before the Spring Festival of the Year of the Ox, Hangsheng Powder ( formerly Shen Fei Powder ) was still busy. The International Business Department and the Production Department worked together to complete the related work of exporting two batches of European equipment with the assistance of third party logistics and agents, among which the micropowder packaging machine is a one-hundred-year-old large multinational non-metallic mining enterprise exported to Central Europe.


The first choice for crushing and grading lithium iron phosphate anode materials - Hangsheng ( original Shen Fei ) powder QLM series jet mill
Lithium iron phosphate; Life PO 4, short for LFP, is a positive electrode material for lithium ion batteries. Compared with the traditional anode material of lithium ion secondary battery, its raw material source is wider and its price is lower.


The development of the enterprise is a long-distance race - the thriving and flourishing Shen Fei powder
Under the new economic normal, powder equipment enterprises must experience a phoenix nirvana with the structural adjustment and industrial upgrading of China's economy before they can stand up in the market environment of big waves and sand washing.


Inventory of Hot Events in Titanium Dioxide Industry in 2014 - Jet Mill
Four companies failed to stop reviewing Shandong dongjia's second IPO


The first industrial graphene production line in China has settled in Jining - jet mill
On December 25, the first phase of the graphene industrial park project of Jining Lite Nanotechnology Co., Ltd. was officially completed in Jining Chemical Industry Park.


Asbestos mining and sorting industry faces dust hazard control " storm" - jet mill
The State Administration of Safety Supervision has recently formulated a plan to focus on the control of dust hazards in asbestos mining and mineral processing enterprises. The State Administration of Work Safety requires that all asbestos mining and mineral processing enterprises be subject to law enforcement inspection so as to achieve " full coverage" without any dead spots or blind spots.


The publication of the catalogue of dual-use equipment benefits the non-ferrous industry - jet mill
In order to thoroughly implement the State Council and the Central Military Commission's Opinions on Establishing and Perfecting a Military - Civilian Integration System for Military and Civilian Research and Production of Weapons and Equipment, promote integration of defense and civilian technologies's deep development, promote the sharing of military and civilian resources, and improve the efficiency of resource utilization, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology actively explores and accelerates the opening and sharing of military and civilian resources in the military industry.


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