QLM series jet mill

The first domestic fluidized bed air mill was born in our company in 88. The first equipment was set up in 83. After five years of technical research, it was successfully commissioned in 88. The first equipment mainly meets the production requirements of Ru ferroboron magnetic materials in China.

  • The compressed gas is accelerated into supersonic airflow through the Laval nozzle and injected into the comminution chamber. The materials in the comminution chamber are accelerated into fluidization by supersonic airflow, colliding with each other and breaking each other so as to realize the superfine grinding of the material. The comminuted material was sent to the classifying chamber by updraft, the fine powder according to the particle size was separated from the classifier wheel. Unsorted coarse powder will return to the comminution chamber and continue to comminute until the desired fineness is generated and finally separated out by the classifier wheel. The air flow carrying the finished powder into the cyclone separator, most of the finished product powder separated by the cyclone separator, discharged by the discharge device. Other ultrafine powder and gas enter and are collected by the pulse dust collector. The purified gas is discharged from the machine by the induced draught fan.

    Reference table for equipment selection (technical specifications)

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  • Hangsheng Powder (original SARI Powder)

    The birthplace of China's first Fluidized bed Air jet Mill

    In 1988, the first fluidized bed air jet mill was born in our company. The first equipment was established in 83 years. After five years of technical research, it was successfully tested in 1988. The first equipment mainly meets the domestic production requirements of Ru iron and boron magnetic materials.

    Breaking the monopoly of foreign high-end airflow jet mill

    After continuous improvement, our equipments gradually reached the international level, breaking the domestic monopoly in high-end air jet mill industry, especially in ultra-fine milling, the particle size is stable with narrow distribution. It is well-regarded by domestic and foreign users. Typical industry: silicon dioxide polishing agent, cerium oxide polishing powder, electronic-grade new materials, etc.

    Environmental protection and energy saving: energy consumption reduced by 10%; production capacity increased by 15%; negative pressure milling system.

    With 30 years of powder engineering practice, we adopted reasonable system configuration to reduce energy consumption and increase output according to the particle size requirements of different powders, in response to the requirements of national energy saving and emission reduction, environmental protection and the benefit of the people.

    Automatic control: PLC program control; visual interface operation; one button start, one button shut down

    Real-time on-line detection of temperature, flow, pressure, weight, online particle size detection, oxygen content sensor. Adjust operating parameters of the equipment automaticly to ensure product quality.

    Stable and reliable: reasonable structure design and system matching, using international brand electric components

    With thirty years of powder engineering practice and more than 100 kinds of powder production line experience accumulation,  we are familiar with various powder properties. Hangsheng Powder continuously optimize equipment structure and system matching, couple with the first-line brand electrical accessories, to improve product quality and prolong the service life of equipment.

    Precision machining: use CNC machine tools to process nozzles, classify wheel, recoil gas sleeve, discharge valve and other parts with high precision requirements

    Narrow distribution, no over-crushing.

    The product size distribution is narrow, benefits the utilization of powder properties in perfect curve, which is the direct embodiment of the equipment without over-milled, that is, the high content of fine powder.


    Widely used  

    The principle of airflow comminution determines the characteristics of its wide range of application and high fineness of finished products. 

    Super hard materials: Diamond, silicon carbide,Metal powder  

    High-purity requirements: ceramic pigments, medicine, biochemical 

    Low-temperature requirements: medicine PVC

    Inert gas protection: By changing the ordinary air of the gas source to nitrogen, carbon dioxide or other inert gas, this machine can be used as inert gas protection equipment, suitable for combustible, explosive, oxidizing materials crushing and grading processing.



    Battery material

    Lithium Cobalt, lithium manganese oxide, lithium carbonate, lithium iron phosphate, cobalt tetroxide, ternary materials, lithium titanate, graphite, lithium nickel-cobalt oxide, ferrous oxalate, manganese dioxide, lithium nickel cobalt manganese oxide

    Rare earth abrasive

    Cerium oxide, cerium carbonate, silicon carbide, boron carbide, diamond, white corundum, zircon sand, zirconia, brown corundum

    chemical materials

    Alumina, aluminum hydroxide, Magnesium Oxide, magnesium hydroxide, precipitated barium sulfate, matting agent silica, silica, flame retardant, foaming agent, calcium phosphate, fluorocarbon resin

    nonmetallic ore

    Barite, quartz, talc, wollastonite, mica, brucite

    metal alloy

    Iron powder, cobalt powder, nickel powder, aluminum powder, copper powder

    medicinal & food

    Cordyceps sinensis, Ganoderma lucidum spores, western medicine, fungicides, herbicides



    Suitable for most materials with water content less than 3%

    Other materials


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