Improved laboratory-specific jet mill

The test type airflow mill provides turnkey projects. The demand side needs to provide supporting power and carry the equipment to the storage space. Our company provides complete equipment and installation and commissioning after-sales service.


    Design Parameters:

    1. Feeding hopper volume: 5.5L

    2. Host speed: 3000~18000r/min adjustable frequency

    3. Dust collector discharge mode: single manual butterfly valve + sealed can

    4. Fan

    Rated power: 4KW

    Allowable voltage: 346-415V

    Rated current: 8.3A

    Suction/discharge pressure difference: 360/380 mbar

    Maximum flow: 5.2m3/min

    Noise ratio: 75Db

    5. The electric control cabinet is hidden in the gantry. The operation box is set on the gantry and the touch screen is operated.


    1. Processing capacity: 0.5L/H~3L/H;

    2. Particle size adjustable range: median particle size 0.6-15 microns adjustable;

    3. Convenient cleaning: each component is connected by clamps;

    4. Convenient operation: touch screen, one button to start and shut down;

    5. Real-time display: real-time display of equipment operating parameters, easy to adjust

    6. Floor area: 2240mmX1090mmX1570mm.

  • At the request of our customers, the 2014 improved airflow mill has completed on-site testing of six domestic enterprises and institutions. The test materials are non-mine, chemical, abrasive, traditional Chinese medicine, battery materials and metal powder.

    Field tests show that the equipment has stable operation and excellent fineness index. The whole machine clamp link is convenient for disassembly and cleaning;

    Feeding system, crushing and grading system, induction fan pressure flow frequency conversion control, digital touch screen adjustment of the whole machine;

    It has one-button start and one-button shutdown, which is convenient for users.

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