Closed loop jet mill (QLM-3C)

The products produced by this model can achieve the narrowest particle size distribution, fine-tuning the proportion of fine powder and coarse powder, and the best effect is controlled at 5 microns. The general material is tested by 20 micron scraper.

  • Equipment composition:

    Feeding system, crushing and grading system, cyclone collecting system, pulse bag dust removal system, air compressor, gas storage tank, oil water filter, inert gas circulation system, PLC control cabinet.

    Device parameters:

    Raw material fineness: less than 3 mm;

    Product fineness: the median value is adjustable from 0.8 to 25 microns;

    Product output: 35-1000KG/H;

    The maximum speed of the graded motor: 4000 rev / min;

    Dust collector filter area: 48-60 square meters;

    Air compressor pressure: not less than 0.75MPA;

    Air compressor air volume: greater than 20 cubic meters per minute;

    Automation control:

    It adopts PLC integrated control cabinet control and adopts operation of more than 7 inch industrial touch screen. Its functions include: sound and light alarm, overload protection, thermal protection, short circuit protection, phase loss protection, program start and stop, fault record, condition control, control of auxiliary equipment, etc. . (Full-automatic control, with fault monitoring, operation status display, etc. Control mode: program automatically starts, stops or manually starts and stops. Display: display grid voltage, main subsystem current, grading wheel speed process point pressure, negative pressure Value and so on.

    Installed power:

    The power of the pulverizing system is 10KW, of which 7.5KW is classified motor and 3KW is matched.

    The air compressor power is 110KW or 132kw or 160kw, depending on the specific material.

    Occupy space: crushing system: 7*4*6 meters; air compressor 6*2*2 meters.

    QLM-C series jet mill capacity comparison table (for reference only)

  • QLM-3C closed-loop airflow pulverizer is the most cost-effective closed-loop (inert gas) jet mill, and it is also the closed loop jet mill with the largest quantity in the market.

    Widely used in iron powder, cobalt powder, nickel powder, copper powder, aluminum powder, zinc powder, chromium powder, silver powder, titanium powder and alloy powder.

    The metal powder is divided into various types such as electrolytic powder, water atomized powder, ammonia atomized powder, redox method, etc. from various production methods, and various types of metal powders are produced, such as the distribution range and fineness median value of the particle size. Control is required to be processed by a jet mill or a gas classifier.

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