FJJ series horizontal turbine classifier


    Principle of Jet Classifier 

    After the material is put into the classificating chamber through the feeding system, the coarse powder is separated under the action of powerful graded vortex force. Fine powder that meets the particle size requirement can be entered into the fine powder collecting system through horizontal classifier wheel. The coarse powder and a small amount of agglomerated fine powder drop to the secondary air inlet where the coarse powder disperser produced a spiral centrifugal updraft to wash the material strongly and the coarse powder was separated. The fine powder goes into the classifying area with the updraft, and the coarse powder drops to the primary inlet air and receives the strong rinsing of the primary inlet air flow again, and the pure coarse powder is discharged by the electric discharge valve under the classificating chamber.

    Advantages of classifier

    Removecoarse powder and fine power from the entrainment, accurates grading limits anguarantees the precise top cutting-size without oversize particles.

    The system operates under negative pressure, no dust leakage, no dead Angle of accumulated material, clean thoroughly
    Variable frequency speed to ensure uniform feed, roots fan to ensure a stable flow field

    The system is always running stably without the need to reset the operation parameters every time

    The efficiency of classification is over 95%, and Newton classification efficiency η is 60~95%.

    The best material circulation and precision can be achieved by working with jet mill.

    The treatment capacity can reach 3300 kg/h when the product D97 ≤ 10 μ m is produced by serializing the treatment capacity of: 10000kg / h (taking heavy calcium as an example).

    Horizontal high speed small diameter classifying turbine strictly control large particles

    Easy operation, maintenance and debugging by using ergonomics principle.

    Reference table for equipment selection (technical specifications)

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