Advantages of SARI Powder Jet Mill

As the main product of Shen Fei powder, the jet mill has already been used by more than 2000 users in China. As the first domestic enterprise to research and develop and manufacture jet mill, it has always been leading domestically and keeping international synchronization. Here is a comprehensive summary of the advantages of our equipment for your reference.

Equipment quality

The performance of the equipment is stable. Our company belongs to 601 avic industries and belongs to military enterprises. aviation quality, stability and excellence have always been our leading thought in product development and manufacturing. Up to now, the service life of some users in the south has exceeded 30 years.

The equipment has high precision. This is mainly reflected in the adoption of modern digital processing lathes and strict factory inspection system to ensure the continuous production of high-quality products for customers. Take the white carbon black industry as an example, the qualified rate of scraper inspection is 100 %.

The equipment is full of materials. The flange thickness of our equipment is 18 ㎜, the equipment cavity is 3 - 5 ㎜, and the electronic components are made up of international first-line supporting manufacturers Siemens and ABB. Practice has proved that the continuous production capacity of the equipment is strong, and 2 - 3 of some industries need to be overhauled.

The equipment design is reasonable and humanized. A user once described the overall installation and use effect of our equipment with beautiful atmosphere. Compared with some manufacturers, it is suggested that the platform and some equipment in operation obviously shake. Our equipment is more humanized and convenient for inspection and maintenance.


Guide the installation. When the equipment leaves the factory, it is modularized and structured to facilitate on-site installation. In general, the user can complete the installation by referring to the drawings. Some problems exist, and our company guides the installation by mail, phone and fax.

On - site commissioning. Some debugging personnel in our company have more than 30 years of debugging experience and have accurate control of equipment parameters of materials with different specific gravity and hardness. greatly saves debugging time and also saves debugging materials for customers.

Replacement of accessories. The main wear parts of our equipment are nozzles, grading wheels, butterfly valves, etc. The nozzle is replaced directly through the observation window, usually for 3 - 5 minutes. The grading wheel has 30 minutes of experience by opening the top cover of the equipment. Butterfly valves are simpler.

Regular inspections. The users and technicians of our company visit the site once a year to check the equipment status and guide the replacement of accessories.


The performance of our equipment has reached international standards and the price is only about a quarter of that of international manufacturers. At the same time, our timely after-sales service and low-cost accessories save our customers money and time.

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